On Your Mark…

We are counting down to our court date where we will be certified by New York State as adoptive parents, which means we’re really scrambling behind the scenes to get everything ready to introduce ourselves to the birth mother of our future baby. Honestly, this site is tough to work on! I’ve designed and built a lot of web sites, that’s been my job for years, but none of them have had this much potential impact on so many lives – the birth parents, us, and the baby, and all of our families, and friends, and so on. Who knows what could happen? It’s actually a little scary. Okay, a lot scary – but also exciting and very, very hopeful.

So here’s what I want to say to the birth mothers who may read this: Of course we believe that you are a strong, courageous, generous woman, and we know that we can’t completely understand whatever you’re dealing with right now that has led you to consider placing your child for adoption. But we can’t wait to meet you, to learn your story and share ours, and, we hope, form a relationship that will honor your place within our family’s future. It’s a leap of faith for all of us involved, but we promise to meet you with open hearts, and all of the compassion and kindness we can offer. And if things don’t quite work out for us, we’re going to be glad to have had a chance to meet you anyway.

So we hope you’ll take some time to look over the site, and get to know us a bit. And if you’re feeling nervous or uncertain or have butterflies in your stomach over all of this, and you feel like you’re not exactly sure what to do next – well, that’s exactly how I feel right now! Give us a call and we can talk about it 🙂

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  1. Jen’s mom here. I am already knitting for your baby. I want him/her and you to know how much I want to welcome him/her to our family!

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